Monte Vista Summer Of Game Programming and Design

                                          3131 Stone Valley Road Danville, CA 94526


Drop-off and Pick-up

All drop-offs and pick-ups are to be at the Monte Vista “Horseshoe” area in front of the school, accessible from Stone Valley Road.

Beginning of Camp (9AM)
8:50- 9:00 AM: Designated Drop-Off Time

9:00 AM: Camp Teacher will lead students to the camp’s computer lab room 420.

End of Camp (3PM)
 All students will be walked to the Horseshoe 5 minutes before end time to be picked up by their on-file guardian.

Personal Technology

Phones and mobile devices are not to be used while at the camp. The exceptions are only for designated breaks, lunch periods, and emergencies.  


Students are expected to respect each other, the equipment, and the campus.


Every student is to feel safe in the classroom and in break areas. No student is to be touched by another student or judged based on race, ethnicity, religion, ability, or other discriminatory criteria.


Computers at Monte Vista are to be left alone on a hardware and software basis. No software may be installed onto the hard drive from the Internet or student flash drive. The computers themselves may not be tampered with to bypass school security protocols.  

Students must follow the guidelines defined in the  

San Ramon Unified Technology Policy.


During breaks and lunch, students are expected to follow Monte Vista citizenship by cleaning up their food and garbage. Sanitary rules extend to facilities such as break areas and restrooms.


Offenses of listed rules or of teacher instruction will result in a scaling punishment. Upon repeated or severe offenses, students may be dismissed from the rest of the camp. No refunds for the camp will be issued in the case of disciplinary dismissal.

Students under 13 cannot share personal information or post on the Unity message boards.

see Unity Privacy Policy.